Straight Knives, Cut Off Knives and Packaging Knives

Straight Knives, Cut Off Knives and Packaging Knives
Applied Cutting Technology provides quality industrial cut off knives

Straight Knives, Cut Off Knives and Packaging Knives can be supplied in a variety of sizes and edges configurations to meet your particular requirements. We can supply quantities from one piece to thousands of pieces.

Coils of material, with serrated edges, are also available in widths from   1/2"(12.7 mm) to 2" (50.8 mm). The different edge configurations that are available include, "V" shaped teeth that are individually sharpened, scalloped edge and wavy edge (single or double bevel) and knife edge (single or double bevel). 

  • Cut Off Knives ("V" Teeth, Slated Teeth, Scalloped Edge) 
  • Packaging Knives
  • High/Low Tooth or Multi-Height Teeth Flying Cut Off Knives
  • Tray Form Knives
  • Glouster Cut-Off & Perforator Knives 
  • Web Press Knives 
  • Doctor Blades 
  • Sheeter Knives 
  • Guilotine Blades
  • Granulator Knives 
  • Perforator Knives 
  • Bag Knives 
  • Cryovac Packaging Knives  (In Stock)
  • Other types, per your request

Widths:  1/8" to 10" (3.175 mm to 254 mm) 

Thicknesses:  .015" to 1.000" (.38 mm to 25.4 mm) 

Lengths:  Cut to length or coil 

Edges:  "V" Tooth, Slanted Tooth, Knife Edge, Scalloped and Wavy Edge 

Materials:  Carbon Steel, Semi-High Speed & High Speed Steel, Stainless Steel, Powered Metal, Solid Carbide

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